The Ridge Meadows Swim Club (RMSC) is a non-profit, community based competitive swim club. Our coaches are paid but the general administration of the club is managed by a volunteer Board of Director’s. 

The volunteer positions/committees below need to be filled each season.  Please consider applying your skill set to a position. If you are new to the club or volunteering, consider an entry level position or minor role on a committee. Your volunteering efforts are credited towards your membership fees.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send an email to Member Participation Director


POSITIONS: Event Volunteer Positions

Swim Meet Food Manager

Event Volunteer: Seeks food /beverage donations from local businesses and assigns food groups (fruit, muffins, sandwiches et.) to members to bring to each swim meet session.  Recruit volunteers to work in the food area during each session. Make sure stock (plates, cutlery, coffee cups etc.) is updated and ready for each swim meet and session. Works closely with Membership Director.

Swim Meet Non-Officiating Committee Member

Event Volunteer: There are a number of roles required to host a swim meet including food, setup-tear down, selling raffle tickets and heat sheets, awards table.  This is a great entry level committee role. Works closely with Membership Director.

End of the Year Party and Awards Committee Members

Event Volunteer: The end of the year party and awards event is to recognize the dedication and hard work through  the swim season and award the achievements of swimmers and volunteers.  Members are needed to help plan and run this event.  The committee member will take direction from the Membership Director.  This is a great entry level committee role. 

Travel Chaperones

Solicited or Event Volunteer: Good organizational and interpersonal skills is a must.  Selection for travel chaperones is decided by the senior coaches as per the RMSC travel policy. Works closely with Officials Director. 

Travel Coordinator

Annual Volunteer: For non-team travel meets, the coordinator will arrange to hold a block of hotel rooms for attending RMSC members near the swim meet venue or a financially reasonable location.  May book group dinner reservations where and when feasible depending on swim meet schedule.  Ensure booking information is included in swim meet sign up information package. Team travel meets, the coordinator will arrange charter transportation, hotel accomodation etc. develops quote for swimmer travel fees to be included in sign-up information package. Works closely with Officials Director. 

Officiating- Competitive Program

Swim meets are an essential part of the sport of swimming, it allows athletes to test their skills and reach their swimming potential.  They provide swimmers with the opportunity to compete in their home pool and  have the potential to provide an important source of revenue for the club.  Home Meets are an integral part of the annual fundraising program, which keeps our swim fees affordable for most families.

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to run a well organized and successful swim meet. There are a wide variety of jobs required to run a swim meet.  Each session requires about 32 officials and 10 to 15 non-officiating workers helping with food hospitality, raffle and heat sheet sales, award ribbons, and set up and tear down.  Each membership family is expected to fulfill a minimum of 3 officiating shifts at each of our home meet(s). Members with more than one swimmer are encouraged to volunteer for more than 3 sessions although it is not mandatory.

Most importantly, we need to continue to grow and mentor our club’s officiating skill level and members must continue to progress their officiating skills each year. A member of each swim family will be required to complete a course each swim season until they have completed all the SNC level one and parts of level two (Stroke and Turn and Chief Timer). Exempt courses for the majority of members will be clerk of course, chief finish judge/recorder scorer, starter and meet manager courses.  Ideally, the club will have 2 people trained and qualified in each of these positions. Officials Coordinator will seek mentoring opportunities particularily for members that show an interest in a certain officiating position or have a certain skill set.  In addition the Officals Coordinator may ask certain members to continue their training and take additional courses to ensure the club maintains enough qualified officials to run home meets. Works closely with Officials Director.