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The Ridge Meadows Swim Club, formely Haney Seahorse Swim Club, season starts in September and runs until June. We start at the age of 6 and have swimmers at National level in our program. Through a well established coaching program, our swimmers learn important life lessons with team work and to compete while eastablishing life long friendships. The Ridge Meadows Swim Club, is a non profit club, run by an elected Board of Directors.

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The Ridge Meadows Swim Club provides opportunities for fun, fitness, and competition in aquatics on the path to excellence.


Provides aquatic programs for the communities of Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and is a integral part of these communities.
Provides training and opportunity at all levels and for all abilities, and constantly strives for competitive excellence.
Runs programs that help develop self-esteem through physical fitness, skill development and fun.




The Ridge Meadows Swim Club, formerly the Haney Seahorse Swim Club had its start in 1982 with local pony clubs training for the swimming event of the modern pentathlon. Now almost 40 years later the swim club has developed into a strong community age group competitive swim team with swimmers competing from novice to national levels.