Gear and Equipment

The gear in a swimmers equipment bag is like a super heros utility belt! These tools allow our swimmers to focus on a certain skill or feel a speed that they may have never felt before. This page outlines what gear is needed by every Titans group and acknowladges our equipment sponsors and suppliers. 

Member of Team Speedo

The RMSC is proudly sponsored by Speedo Canada! A major sponsorship like this not only recognizes RMSC's growth and development goals, but also underscores Speedo's belief in us as a club committed to making a positive impact in our sport.

Being members of Team Speedo, Titans can access Speedo's 40% off sale twice a season and be first in line for any of the latest hot products Speedo has to offer. Being a part of Team Speedo also means that Titans are supported at Swim Meet, for all of the memberships.



Team Aquatics Supplies

TAS is a great place to grab any equipment that you may need for the upcoming season! RMSC members will also receive 15% off any of their purchases when they present the TAS Shark Card. Click the below to shop at Team Aquatic Supplies by your groups equipment list

Team Aquatics

​​​​​​​Training Equipment Requirements By Group

If your swimmer already has equipment from the previous season, please have them check in with the group coach if their gear will work before purchasing anything new.