Create your swimmers Swim-A-Thon fundraising page

Step 1

Head to the HSSC Raise-a-thon landing page.

Step 2

Click on the red "Swimmer Registration" button.

Step 3

Fill in all requested information and click "Submit" at end of section.

Step 4

Your swimmers Profile Link will be emailed to you, once registration is complete!


Who to Ask?

We recommend reaching out to neighbors, friends, parents coworkers and family members to chip in any amount towards your goal or prize amount. Personal asks in person or by phone that connect with the reason behind the fundraising go a long way! Share with why you love being a Titan!


Use Social Media to spread the word!

Social media platforms are a great tool to use in raising funds, and a great way to reach out to those that may want to support the club. Swimmers in the past have created a video to post on facebook and instagram to share about the club and why they love the pool! With your swimmers personalized profile link, it is easy to share with others to gain support!