Different Types of Competitions
When you join swim club and enter this new world at the pool, we know as a parent it can be overwhelming and that you may have so many questions that you don't even know where to begin! One of those questions is probably around Swim Meets and Competitions and which ones your swimmers should attend, which ones they are qualified for, and what is the difference between all the swim meets and events that are posted on the website. Below is a breakdown of the different types of Swim Meets and Competitions that will happen in our own RMSC community, the Lower Mainland Region, the province of BC, as well as competitions that take place on the National stage!
One thing to remember, just as we practice and repeat skills in training everyday, our swimmers also need to practice how to race. Our HSSC coaches  recommend that your swimmer attend every racing opportunity that your group is offered, or as many as possible. Also, racing and swimming fast is one of the most fun parts of this sport!



Our FAST Friday meet is the first racing opportunity that your swimmer will participate in when they join the Development side of the program. It is an interclub meet that happens on the last Friday of each month from 4:00-6:00pm. It is a chance for our swimmers to learn the rules around racing, to compete in a safe and comfortable environment and to have some fun with their teammates. 



Mini-Meets are very similar to the FAST Friday Meets, as they are used to teach our swimmers the rules around racing in a comfortable environment, with the goal of having fun and swimming fast! Mini-Meets can include swimmers from other clubs, as is true this season as we have partnered with the Richmond Rapids for any upcoming Mini-Meets and PASS Meets!


PASS Meets

PASS Meets are the first level of competition where there is a suggested standard that a swimmers must have met in order to compete. The standard for PASS Meets this season are:

             100 IM under 2:10 done legally

*A legally swum event is when the swimmer is able to perform the stroke and skills without doing something that may get them disqualified in a sanctioned swim meet. 

PASS Meets will include swimmers from other clubs, and is the last step in competition before your swimmer starts participating in sancitioned swim meets.

Sanctioned Swim Meets
A sanctioned swim meet is a meet that is approved by Swim BC. Meet must be conducted according to Swim BC rules with qualified officials on deck. All participants, including coaches, athletes and officials must be Swim BC members, or registered with another swimming governing body (Swim Ontario, Swim Alberta, USA Swimming, etc).


LMR level Competitions

To attend an LMR level competition your swimmer must have achieved the following standard: 

                 Under 4:00 in the 200 IM

LMR competitions are offered by teams across the Lower Mainland Region, with multiple swim clubs attending each competition. The results that swimmers achieve at these competitions are their first official results of their swimming career. This is also the first time that swimmers may be disqualified in a race (DQed) due to performing a skill or stroke incorrectly. 


Invitational Swim Meet

Invitational Swim Meets are competitions which may have their own set of standards in each event that swimmers must achieve in order to attend. Majority of Invitationals are done in a heats and finals format, with the top 8 or 10 swimmers in each event from the heats sessions qualifying for the finals. Invitationals bring together the top swimmers in the province or the country to compete against each other in a competitive and dynamic atmosphere.


Swim BC Championships

Swim BC hosts two levels of championship competitions twice during the year (Once during short course (SC) and once during long course (LC) season):

           Swim BC Divisional Championships

           Swim BC Provincial Championships

Swimmers need to achieve certain time standards across multiple events to qualify for each championship meet. When swimmers qualify for the provincial level meets they are considered some of the top swimmers in the province. 

More Information on the Swim BC Competition Plan>

National Level Competitions

When swimmers reach the top level in the sport of swimming they have qualified for meets that are hosted on the national level. During the 2021/22 season the national meet calendar is as below: 
2023 Canadian Swimming Trials
March 28th-April 2nd (Toronto)
2023 Speedo Western Championships
March 16th-19th (Calgary)
2023 Canadian Jr and Sr Swimming Championships
July 31st - August 7th (Edmonton)